Manifesting Life against the Odds

It is interesting how life can throw you a curve ball when things are going good and you were smooth sailing for a bit. When things start to crumble around you, you then buy into the idea that you have no choices left and you have to do what you have to do to get by.

 Not only is this an incorrect assumption but also an unhealthy one. Once you truly start to believe that you have no choice in life, you get boxed in and all the creativity within you to manifest changes and direction will wither away. You become part of the sheeple that is roaming our earth school right now.

What are sheeple? People that act like sheep…a herd mentality that doesnt allow for unique and original thinking but staying in the group mentality. Don’t fall for it! You are not crazy (I really can’t diagnose you on that-out of scope!) if you think there are other ways to do things than the old tried and true.

I have a friend who gets so frustrated with me because I don’t think like her. Now understand this, the woman is a genius. She is a successful entrepreneur and has the dream life we all aspire to have one day; however she knows her path to success and I know mine. Many times she would tear down my dreams or become a negative Nancy when I discuss ideas with her. She would only let up when she sees the success come about because of my bold decisions and new thoughts. You too may have people like this in your corner. Take the lesson from me, don’t judge them or belittle them, they are only being negative because they fear for your safety and want to make sure you are doing the best you can. If they can only see solutions from their limited perception, it calls for you to be compassionate, not judgmental. Love them while you continue to do what you need to do.

 So back to the topic at hand. If you feel stuck and like there is no way to go, I am gently asking you to reconsider your position. Maybe all is not what it seems to be. Allow the Universe to manifest changes in your direction because you know what? It will and all that is required of you is three simple behavior changes that can make it happen.

As we say in hypnosis, only you can make it happen, expect it to happen and watch how it happens easily!

Choosing Correctly in Life:

 1) Make Choices out of Integrity not Fear

I once had a discussion with a healer friend that fried my brain. This person was continuously making the wrong choices and her business was continuously suffering because of it. I could see the area where she was going wrong but she didn’t and eventually, she went out of business through from what I saw, really making poor decisions based on fear. She refused to invest in her further education and learning because it was too expensive. She refused to advertise her services because that was being too commercial. She refused to network because “those things don’t work anyways”. As much as she believed in her answers, the root here was fear. Fear of spending money, fear of promoting her business and fear of creating connections.

You need to have a backbone and know what you are about before you embark on any kind of decision. I am an ethical person period. I may not be the friendliest or nicest or warm, comfy feeling kind of person you will meet but by Creator, I will be the most fair, ethical and reasonable person you do meet. I am a Capricorn, its in my blood! I have very fair and set ideas when it comes to being ethical.

When I make choices and decisions, I do so from this strong core of confidence and it doesn’t sway. So when it comes to scheduling, I know my schedule and only book clients per those times I have available. Have I turned away clients? Absolutely because the timing did not line up and I couldn’t fit them in because it would affect my personal time.

My friend? Not so strict when it comes to honoring herself. She was constantly booking clients late into the night or on weekends when she really needed the time off, as a result she burnt out and couldn’t regain that zeal and passion for her craft. Where did she go wrong here? She was accepting clients because of the money. She was operating from a fear based mentality that if I turn them away, I wouldn’t get them back.

That is another incorrect statement. Maybe this particular client would go somewhere else, but don’t you think the Universe would reward you for putting yourself first and honoring your boundaries? If she had let that person go and chosen her self care over the incoming money, she would have had a significant jump in business. How do I know? From personal experience!

You have to make choices that honor you. When you act with Integrity, you open up to the expansive energies of the best vibrations and they will take you to higher and higher ideals. Don’t settle because you feel you have to or the world is forcing your hand. You have to be in control of your life and not allow life to control you.

 2) Ask Questions, Don’t make Statements

There are three modalities I offer that speak to this: Access Bars, Theta Healing and Life Coaching. In each of them, they recommend asking questions as a way to open up your box. 

When you make a statement, you put an energetic imprint out into the Universe as this now becomes your Truth. When you say, “I am tired”, “I am weak”, or “I don’t have time”, you are making a stamp in the Universe. You create a little cardboard box around you that keeps you in that vibration.

How do you get out of the box or open it up? Ask questions. When I get stuck in life, this is what I do. For instance, every now and then I  get hit with a work related issue at my Wellness Center. Instead of living in the fear phase and buying into the permanence of the situation, I asked out loud:

“What is the good in this that I am not seeing?” 

“What can be done that honors me in this situation?”

By asking questions, I create the space for the answer to come. Sometimes it takes hours and sometimes it takes days, but when the answer comes, it always comes at the right time. 

When something pops up on your radar that is unexpected and maybe a bit ugly, don’t immediately buy into it. Ask yourself questions and ask the Universe questions and then give it some time. There may be an answer coming that is out of your realm of thinking and can just handle it all neatly with a bow! 

3) Schedule Connection time with the Universe 

The most important thing you need to do to make choices with integrity that honor yourself and others, is to have some quiet time. In quiet contemplation, meditation or silence, you are able to access your inner knowing, your intuition and feel situations out.

When you quiet down, you cut the noise of the outside world to tap into YOU. The person driving this van and ask what do they really want to do. What a concept eh? To actually ask the driver what the next step is instead of listening to all the backseat drivers with you!

In the end, your choices are critical in your life path as they lead to your circumstance. Learning to cultivate a mindful decision begins your path of self discovery, wisdom and knowingness. You will begin to understand why things are happening the way they do in your life. And that to me, is a sweet relief I would like to have more often than not. Don’t you agree?

 Until next time, stay in the Love and the Light!

xo Uma

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