Spirit Helps through Dreams

One of the beautiful things about being in tune with my psychic senses, is that I get visions and warnings from the Spirit world that tends to keep me ahead of the game. These warnings typically come in the form of dreams.

I know some of you might wonder, “Can you take that stuff seriously?” I am here to tell you, yes you can and I do very seriously.

When my beloved grandmother whom I adored and learned much about the spiritual path from, was about to make her transition; Spirit started sending me messages. I dreamt she passed at my mom’s house and in the bedroom she was staying in. I had this dream two weeks before she passed and it allowed me to take a flight down to see her and spend some time with her before she made her journey.

My deceased uncle Abe came to me in a dream to warn me about a family member who was making some bad decisions. I spoke to this family member and helped them through a rough period in their life. They were surprised I knew something was going on as they were keeping things quiet and no one knew.

I frequently get dreams about people I know in life and meet through my business Lotus Wellness Center. I would love to say that it has been all peaches and roses over here in my line of business but interestingly enough I have met a few shady characters under the “Spiritual Tribe” banner. It makes for an interesting ride.

At first I would be dismayed when things go wrong, people attack me or my business (sometimes even my kids). I would take it personally and feel helpless and defenseless. It’s a bad feeling when someone doesn’t like you, even worse when they talk about you from their perception and then the absolute worst when you can’t do anything about it.

Or can you?

Spirit is always with us and is our family, friend, loyal companion and protector. We always have the choice to pray for help and guidance and ask the Angels for protection. I pray to different celestial beings for particular requests and when it comes to protection, I love to request Archangel Michael’s assistance. When I pray to Archangel Michael, I envision him surrounding me with bright blue flames and using his sword to cut ties to negative situations and circumstances. It feels freeing.

prayer to St Michael.jpg

When I call in Spirit in times of distress and upset, immediately I get signs and “advice” on how to proceed. I like to say, “I work for Spirit” but I believe Spirit works with me as well.

One of the ways Spirit communicates messages to us is through dreams. These dreams can either be visionary or symbolic. Both are prophetic.

A visionary dream is where you “see” things as clearly as they are going to happen with no need for interpretation. For instance, when I saw my grandmother deceased in a room in my mother’s home, that was visionary. Exactly as I saw it in my dream is how it happened in real life.

A symbolic dream includes photos, pictures and scenes that need some deciphering to get the message. Most people receive these kinds of dreams and feel unsure how to proceed. Well, there are many ways including hiring a dream analyst to interpret your dreams for you. I prefer the old fashioned way (and cheaper way too) which is to interpret them myself. I do that by looking up online dream dictionaries like this one here. If I see animals in my dream, I look up the meaning of that particular spirit animal. It is called animal medicine and it comes at a time when we need a message or warning.

One time I had a dream about some people I no longer socialize with. In my dream, they were sabotaging my house and I saw an alligator on my lawn. I saw my partner handle the situation and as we were walking away, two hawks flew above us and we each received a hawk feather. I looked up the meanings and sure enough, the alligator signified deceit and secret betrayals and the hawk’s message was to have greater awareness and warn us of incoming drama. My partner and I heeded the message, cut some people out of our lives and soon after, we found out what they were doing which was unknown to us. The dream saved us the feelings of betrayal because we knew ahead of time it was coming, so we were able to prepare for it. Spirit animal medicine works!

If this article intrigues you, I suggest you try it! While it is not a guarantee that every time you set the intent to dream, it will happen there are a few things you can do to help this process along:

  1. Try to go to sleep around the same time every night. This gets your body use to a schedule and will get you into the deep sleep you need to have dreams.
  2. Set the intention before sleep. I like to ask the Angels to bring clarity and understanding to my dreams about situations I am facing. I also ask to remember the dreams when I awaken.
  3. Get in the habit of writing down your dreams in a journal. I like to keep a pen and journal handy by my bed so as soon as I wake up, I can write down what I remember. When we do this, we train our minds to remember what we see in our dreams and our bodies to record it by writing it down.

It takes some time to get the hang of, especially if you have viewed sleep only as a divider between today and tomorrow, but once you do, you will be so thankful! The messages that stream through from the subconscious to the conscious mind with the help of our Spirit friends is simply astounding and helpful. I wish for you to be as aware and enlightened as possible, and interpreting dreams is one of the best ways to do so.

Until next time,

xo Uma

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