Feel the Fear…and do it Anyways

Morning y’all!

I write to you from the Dulles airport as I wait to board my plane to L.A. I wish it was that short of a journey but I am actually preparing for one of the longest flights of my life (aside from Egypt). I am going to Australia.

It has been a dream of mine to go to the land down under since I saw Crocodile Dundee! I have met a few Australians here and there on my journeys and I have always been fascinated by the culture which seems so similar to Americans but yet, different. I love their accent, their seemingly carefree attitude and love of life. What what a whole country and continent of this be like? And so the journey was decided upon.

Thankfully, I am not doing this alone. I have my two best friends Rani and Jen traveling with me. Well Jen is traveling with me as Rani is an Aussie! We are going to see her in her home town of Cairns and learn about the Aussie culture from a true Australian.

I am very thankful for these girls because we have this deep soul connection based on our spiritual paths and combined interest in growing and learning everyday. We first met at the Omega Institute back in 2015 when we each showed up for the Dr. Brian Weiss workshop on Past Life Regression. We each had our own backstory for being there but yet as different as they were, we still had similar interests.

I am happy to say that despite our locations in VA, CA and Australia, we have remained best friends ever since 2015 and have met up every year since then! In 2016 and 2017 we met at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, UK for mediumship training and now in 2018 we are meeting in Australia for Shamanic healing and extractions. How does it get better than that?

I spontaneously decided to write this blog because in the days leading up to this big trip, I realize, I have been more than nervous, I have been downright scared!

I have traveled to over 30 countries and five continents but this is one of the biggest trips I am taking. My actual itinerary getting there takes three days with the two different time changes. I leave Dulles at 7.25am and get in to L.A at 10am. I then have a loooooooong layover as my flight to Sydney leaves L.A at 11pm. That flight is a 15 hour flight and I am having all sorts of nerves about not sleeping and being awake the entire flight (flashback to my trip to Egypt). Yes the Egypt trip was a harrowing one as I was in coach class for the entire 18 hour trip WITH my 3 year old and 1 1/2 year old boys who decided to stay up the entire flight. Can you feel my nerves yet?

So as I sit here preparing for the first leg of my trip with this three hour flight across the US to California, I am reflecting on how in life, we tend to stay safe and keep it easy. I think it’s a natural thing really. If you look at life, we tend to strive to reach a comfortable level and once we get there, it is comfortable to stay there. We look to be in the right relationship, right job and right home. Once we hit that trifecta, we tend to stay there for the long haul.

I have forgotten how exciting travel can be because I travel so much on these smaller flights (VA to FL or VA to CA) that the fun of traveling has been taken out as I literally am on automatic pilot, the entire way. Now I am being challenged to pace myself, set myself up for a long trip and be on the lookout for unexpected surprises and challenges, I have to admit the adrenaline rush is now more exciting than frightening. What else is possible? How does it get better?

In life, it is ok to work hard to get to the comfortable things we want and need. However, every now and then, it is imperative that we also include a little adventure to keep the heart going, blood pumping and the thrill of living alive. You really don’t appreciate life until you test its boundaries from time to time.

Ask yourself these questions and see what comes up:

“When is the last time I did something daring?”

“When was the last time I took a great trip or had the adventure of a lifetime?”

“What can I plan for next year?”

I say next year because you need a good couple of months to plan a trip of a lifetime or great adventure. This trip to Australia has been in the plans for a year now and I can’t tell you the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment I am feeling now that it is coming to fruition. Carpe diem as my boyfriend says! (Seize the day!).

So dear reader, as you read this quick airport blog through, I ask you to feel the fear of the plans you have waiting in the wings and despite that fear, do it anyways.

In fact, you can choose to witness the feelings in your body about these ideas as fear…..or you can convert it to excitement. They both FEEL the same but one fills you with a sense of dread and the other, a sense of wonder. Which do you choose?

For me, as I get ready to board this first flight on my journey, I am choosing excitement over fear. Life is meant to be lived and that is for us all.

Until next time,

xo Uma

Uma is the owner of Lotus Wellness Center in Northern VA where she practices as a psychic medium, healer and metaphysical teacher. Uma loves to travel and is happy to say she has visited six continents now with her eyesight set on the last continent of Antartica before 2020! To learn more about Uma, visit http://www.umalotusflower.com uab-web-3

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